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We totally do and show our love in many different ways - so our authors spend their time writing as much as they want and quality time with their loved ones without the need to wear multiple business and creative hats as many other talented and dedicated authors may have to these days. A happy author creates great books!

Represented Authors:
We proudly represent the following authors:

Asha Devi
Ashley Knight
Douglas Dell
Evelyn Dove
Janice Harvey
Michael Eldon
Michael King
Nicholas A. Price
Peter Lewis
Pippa Haswell
T.S. Harper

Our dedication will always lie first and foremost with supporting the business side of our author's work and well-being whilst keeping our standards in what has made traditional publishing and books great.

Our method of our author support system is totally unique to Tough Tribe Publishing and has been developed over a number of years with the experience and knowledge combined of the old and new publishing standards that help our authors keep the control of their financial and literary successes;

1. We provide a dedicated author agent, editor, book designer, social media and business development manager to each author. Our team of three secretaries and two accountants are shared between all our authors in the management of the individual author's email and snail mail.

2. Each author is provided with a fully functional online sales site, independent social media accounts, and all are managed between the author and his/her dedicated social media team.

3. Our in-house book marketing experts provide the related media materials essential to our authors and to our dedicated PR and media liaison team.

4. To ensure the most profit to the author, the author dedicated websites provide the highest levels of profit to the author and the lowest price to the customer as all the books sold through their sites are distributed directly from us.

5. As a result we are also able to provide the personal touch to signed or special author copies and any books purchased via our system also encourages readers who purchase the books to leave an honest review for the author on their dedicated sales websites.  Both the author and us the publisher, can independently verify the purchase and authenticity of the review
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